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Paul Robert Hansen

Paul Robert Hansen


Paul Robert Hansen earned his MS degree in Chemistry from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark in 1990. He was then a Reseasearch Assistant at the Department of Chemistry, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL) for two years.
From 1993-1994, he was a visiting Ph.D.-student at the Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota.
In 1996, he earned his Ph.D.-degree from the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, (formerly KVL), focusing on "New strategies in the synthesis of 2-acetamido-alpha–D–2-deoxy-glucopyranose O-Glycopeptides, neoglycoconjugates and photoreactive peptides" 

In 1997, he joined the Department of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, as an Assistant Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry. He became an Associate Professor in 2000. 
In February 2012, he joined the Natural Products Research Group, Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (previously Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences), University of Copenhagen.

His research interests include: Antimicrobial peptides and analogues, peptide/peptidomimetic libraries and peptides as probes in immunology and cancer. He has co-authored more than 80 publications in the field of peptide chemistry/bioorganic chemistry and supervised numerous Ph.D. and M.S. students. In 2003 he received the Dana Lim award and in 2007 the Faculty of Life Sciences Teacher of the year award. He is the editor of the book Methods in Molecular Biology: Antimicrobial Peptides publised in 2017.

Research Projects and Major Research Collaborators

He is a partner in FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN TRAIN-ASAP (“Training Research AImed at Novel Antibacterial Strategies in Animals and People”) an interdisciplinary collaboration between 7 research groups from various institutions and Pfizer. This ITN is coordinated by Professor Luca Guardabassi, University of Copenhagen. 
He is also a member of the DANCARD (Danish Centre for Antibiotic Research and Development) consortium an interdisciplinary collaboration between 11 research groups from various institutions and companies, funded by a grant from the Danish Council for Strategic Research. This centre is coordinated by Professor Niels Frimodt-Møller (Hvidovre Hospital) and other collaborators include Associate Professor Reinhard Wimmer Aalborg University, Professor Anders-Løbner Olesen Roskilde University and Dr. Peter Damborg University of Copenhagen.
Furthermore, he is part of the EPI-Expose therapeutic vaccine platform project, which is a collaboration between Professor Peter Andersen (Project leader), Dr. Else-Marie Agger SSI, Dr. Per thor Straten (Herlev Hospital), Professor Jens Bukh (Hvidovre Hospital). The Project is funded by The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation.
The project "epitope mapping of antibodies related to autoimmune diseases" is carried out in collaboration with Professor Gunnar Houen (SSI/Southern University of Denmark) 
In collaboration with Professor Andreas Kjær and his group (Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Copenhagen University Hospital) they aim to develop peptide-based PET-ligands for the cancer specific receptor EGFRvIII.


Udvalgte publikationer

  1. Udgivet

    Efficient, regioselective ring-opening of activated aziridine-2-carboxylates with [18F]fluoride

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    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  2. Udgivet
  3. Udgivet

    Protective CD4 T cells targeting cryptic epitopes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis resist infection-driven terminal differentiation

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    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  4. Udgivet

    Structural features of peptoid-peptide hybrids in lipid-water interfaces

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    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  5. Udgivet

    Antibodies with specificity for native and denatured forms of ovalbumin differ in reactivity between enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays.

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    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  6. Udgivet

    Synthesis of antimicrobial peptoids

    Hansen, P. R. & Munk, J. 2013 Peptide synthesis and applications. 2nd udg. Bind 1047, s. 151-159 (Methods in Molecular Biology).

    Publikation: ForskningBidrag til bog/antologi

  7. Udgivet

    Synthetic analogs of anoplin show improved antimicrobial activities

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    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  8. Udgivet

    Identification of continuous epitopes of HuD antibodies related to paraneoplastic diseases/small cell lung cancer

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    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  9. Udgivet

    Identification and mapping of a linear epitope of centromere protein F using monoclonal antibodies

    Welner, S., Trier, N. H., Houen, G. & Hansen, P. R. 2013 I : Journal of Peptide Science. 19, 2, s. 95-101

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  10. Udgivet

    Correlation between centromere protein-F autoantibodies and cancer analyzed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

    Welner, S., Trier, N. H., Morten Frisch, M., Locht, H., Hansen, P. R. & Houen, G. 2013 I : Molecular Cancer. 12, 1, 95

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  11. Udgivet

    Identification of a linear epitope recognized by a monoclonal antibody directed to the heterogeneous nucleoriboprotein A2

    Tronstrøm, J., Dragborg, A. H., Hansen, P. R., Houen, G. & Trier, N. H. 2014 I : Protein and Peptide Letters. 21, 1, s. 25-31 7 s.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  12. Udgivet

    The antimicrobial lysine-peptoid hybrid LP5 inhibits DNA replication and induces the SOS response in Staphylococcus aureus

    Gottschalk, S., Ifrah, D., Søndergaard, S. L., Gottlieb, C. T., Cohn, M. T., Hiasa, H., Hansen, P. R., Gram, L., Ingmer, H. & Thomsen, L. E. 2013 I : B M C Microbiology. 13, 8 s., 192

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  13. Udgivet

    Production and characterization of peptide antibodies

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    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  14. Udgivet

    Fine mapping of a monoclonal antibody to the N-Methyl D-aspartate receptor reveals a short linear epitope

    Amrutkar, S. D., Trier, N. H., Hansen, P. R. & Houen, G. 2012 I : Journal of Peptide Science. 98, 6, s. 567-575 9 s.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

  15. Udgivet

    Fast and efficient characterization of an anti-gliadin monoclonal antibody epitope related to celiac disease using resin-bound peptides

    Petersen, N. H., Hansen, P. R. & Houen, G. 2011 I : Journal of Immunological Methods. 365, 1-2, s. 174-182 9 s.

    Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtTidsskriftartikel

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